We are engaged in offering Home Automation Systems that are finds their applications in various areas such as residential and commercial complexes.
Our electronic Home Automation System offers best solution for digital security services, home security systems and digital automation security systems.
Features(Turning lights down / off at night, Operating television, hot water heater, kettle, toaster etc.
ready for your use, Opening the Main gate, Working with intelligent electrical white goods e.g. washing machine, fridge, Air Conditioners, microwave etc.,

Wireless Home Automation

Having gained years of industry experience and expertise, we are offering Home Automation System to our clients. The most common elements used by this are sensors, controllers and other tools.
This can be easily used in day light and has excellent motion detection option.
Remote control can be used for effective handling of Home Automation System.
Types(Arduino based Home Automation, RF based Home Automation System, Home Automation using Digital Control, Home Automation by Android Application based Remote Control, Touch Screen based Home Automation System).
Products include Lighting Automation, Comfort Automation, Climate control, Wireless security Systems, Sensors, digital surveillance etc.